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Spiked ammo... what's your

Spiked ammo... what's your point of posting that?

Are you claiming to know who spiked the ammo?

Even if you did know, what would be the point in this post?

I'm not sure, but this seems to be the direct link to the link provided in the OP through Drudge...

It seems relevant here.

"Free Syrians and the merchinaries (Jihadists).. ...were upset with the Christian Churchs because the Churches decided to stand with the government" -Granger

What does it mean, really, that the "Churches decided to stand with the government"?

About ten years ago I was attending a church meeting after a Sunday service. The congregation was attempting to decide whether or not to place a sign on their lawn indicating to the public that the congregation was protesting against US military intervention in Iraq.

Would the lack of such a sign on a church's lawn imply that the church supported US military intervention in Iraq?