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I posted it because I came across it and found it interesting.. no other point.. many times I post things that I find when I'm searching for a particular post.. I find really interesting things, like this, which no one has mentioned.. and the article talks about the US using spiked ammo in the past.. so is it incriminating the US, or was this adopted by Assad, or Russia..? I don't know.

What my sentance means that you quoted:

What I'm saying here is that people and Churches do all linds of things to survive when war hits.. it's one reason there is so much debate over the Catholic Church and what Pope Pius XI (?) how much he sided with the Nazis until he didn't and is given credit for ending the war. Did the Church collaborate to a point to sustain?

Here in CA, Catholic Churches were built by the Portugese, Spanish, Russians hundreds of years before CA 1850.. Because the Catholic Church keeps records, some families in CA morphed, from Mexican to Californian when the war ended, and they have lived in CA, continuously, long before the pioneers crossed Donner Pass. The Church watched the rounding up of Native Americans, where they were put on military camps/forts and never stopped the killing, just went on it's business as usual.. governments come and go while the Church remains. So during war, it must be very hard for Christians who love freedom, to accept enslavement from a government that has lost control, with no help for their children, or for them, from the Church..

It's a very dirty war, and Assad has no control.. he's destroying Syria.. and, while I don't agree with Obama on anything it seems, I do agree with him on the stand for the Free Syria Army, because to me, protesting Assad should not lead to violence against the people.. and he had no control before he started shooting.. did you see the size of the protests against him? We wish we had protests like that.. actually, I don't wish that.. but the protests in Syria were miles long in many diresctions..