Comment: Not targeting you "IMissLiberty", just the thought....

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Not targeting you "IMissLiberty", just the thought....

Sorry to say, but I completely disagree. There would be no civil war. Modern day Americans do not have it in them. Our country is disintegrating beneath us, and what are people doing? Only a small percentage of the masses are even aware. And most of them are only talking about it in internet chat rooms, commenting on news sites, and getting into heated debates around the water cooler. Then there are those that believe they are more on top of things than the average, pushing hard for voting someone else into an office somewhere. Wishfully thinking it is going to make a difference against the real powers controlling things, and willfully ignorant of the farce the system has become.

The great melting pot is not producing the alloys of the past. We, as a nation, are no longer binding together, and we will crumble. We have become too selfish, complacent, apathetic, and soft. We are too busy entertaining ourselves, and being offended by the simplest slights to ever come together, focus on the real problems, and correct our course. We are not the same people that ushered in the American revolution, nor are we the same people who stood for a belief and fought the so called Civil War.

Again, sorry to say, but Idiocracy is upon us!

(Sorry, just noticed this comment ended up in the wrong place. Meant for it to be in reply to "IMissLiberty" thought on "WE would be in a civil war")