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... I'm all for open and honest discussion about differences as long as it's done in Love, with patience and kindness and humility. Sometimes I think we all need to be a little less eager to whip out our swords and 'lop the ear off' someone we are opposed to, even if we have the good intention of defending what we see as the truth, and the character of our Lord. So I appreciate your calm, even-keeled demeanor in this thread.

I guess I shouldn't go too much further afield and belabor points of speculation in this particular thread. I'll just say I have a hunch that we won't lose our sense of time unfolding in the age to come. For example, I suspect that heaven will not be devoid of music, and music is dependent on change, on time for it to be experienced. From my limited perspective, a static changeless eternal now sounds like a type of 'hell' to me. :) I crave a dynamic relationship with my Creator -- but, of course, I'm probably speaking as a Flatlander about things beyond my understanding.

That is very interesting about Limbo. I have much hope for all those little ones to be comforted by the Good Shepherd, Who loves them, and each one of us, dearly, beyond measure, Baptism or no.