Comment: There is no homogenous "America"

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There is no homogenous "America"

With the Revolutionary War, some people gained certain freedoms, for awhile. Others lost their property, their livelihoods or their lives. Some preferred British rule, and lost it. Was it a war worth fighting at all? I believe it would have been, if they'd stuck to the libertarian ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence. But they didn't.

The Revolutionary War started out as a tax rebellion. How many years did it take, I wonder, before "taxation WITH representation" surpassed the "taxation WITHOUT representation" that the colonists rebelled against? (I don't know the answer to that question -- does anyone? I'm guessing: not very many.)

"We" didn't win the Revolutionary War -- maybe some of our ancestors did, and more power to them. In any case, we are NOT the heirs of whatever fleeting victory they achieved. The minimal government they preferred has grown fat and evil beyond the wildest dreams of King George III, and the liberties that they fought for are nothing but memories.

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