Comment: Who said anti-materialism a good thing?

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Who said anti-materialism a good thing?

I am material. I require material to exist. I may have other needs, but one is material, and I can exchange material I have for whatever non material needs I may have, in voluntary commerce.

Whenever anyone lauds antimaterialism I smell trouble. Someone wants to convince someone else not to value what they value in order to take advantage of them.

I have no problem with people who prize spiritual or aesthetic pursuits.. until they insist I prize them as well and want to decide how much I should value them.

IE they want me to force me to pay to fund what they consider 'art' or 'culture' or whatnot.

To me kittens with dragon wings is art. Or boobies. Or a picture of the Surfer attacking Galactus. And I'll pay for my own art. You pay for your Pollock. You pay to train new Pollocks if you like paint splatters.