Comment: Simmer down now! We atheists are the enemy!:D

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Simmer down now! We atheists are the enemy!:D

Ok look this makes me sad.

Statism is the religion of the Adversary.

I understand the protestant objection to Saint worship, I understand the Catholic defense of Saint worship.

I know some of you think this schism is very important.

But if you can accept atheists in the liberty movement, and we accept theists, surely the worship of Saints (or failure to do so) can't be as big a deal.

I don't like banning topics but if this is going to divide theists who otherwise are on the side of liberty.. I call for a ban.

Protestants, liberty folk who are Catholic are not the enemy. They may be misguided but you must see they are wll intentioned.

Catholics, liberty folk who dislike worship of Saints are well meaning also. You can see their point at least semantically.

Both you guys need to chill. If you need to hate, hate on me. Atheists are used to it:D