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Ave Maria

I'm not one to subscribe to any orthodoxy. I've always been more comfortable among dissenters. But I see no point in debating particulars of faith, good or bad, liberal or conservative, or generally any self-righteous magisterium. For that reason I haven't chimed in on LL's unnecessarily divisive Mother Mary thread. So I'll share this here:

The Catholic educator, Cardinal John Henry Newman, was quoted in an article I cite stating in 1852 the ideal I hail: The church "fears no knowledge," Newman says, "but she purifies all; she represses no element of our nature, but cultivates the whole."

Jill, as our good faith dialog demonstrates, there can be cultivated uplifting harmony from many voices.

From the sublime ...

[ As that video depicts, if all we did was focus on pedestrian mundanity of the knaves lurking even in that other citadel of centralized iniquity and intrigue, the District of Columbia, we may miss celestial exaltation, joyful, beautiful echoes of Spirit to be found next door under vaulted naves of exhilarating tradition. ]

... To the ridiculous:

In the words of Cardinal Newman, "I wish the intellect to range with the utmost freedom."

That's the tradition I embrace.
AMDG ;-)