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Gee Peggy R

Just when I was trying to figure my own way, there you are.

The post I made about staying or going on DP was for a friend who offered me a birthday present as a subscription. I offered to let them see if it was an investment that they would like to make, and said so in the post. I'm going to do what I want to do within the laws, including Michaels on DP.

If it was a thread for me I would have posted; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! GRANGER: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! UPVOTE ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I didn't even respond to the thread, because it's not about me, it was for me.

And yes, I make posts on DP for me, because I am not here with an agenda to manipulate you, but to learn for myself. Perhaps you are on DP for another reason than learning? Right on. I've been here the entire time to learn, and I do. What's that to you?

I don't see anything about Bob's post that was threatening to me at all. Reminded me of May 25th a few years ago, as there was quite a stir, especially among the homeless about rapture. The preist gave a homily about it and said, "If you really believe this is going to be the rapture, give your things to the poor who can use them."

I see nothing threatening, arrogant, shallow or attention mongering about it.

I don't care about votes, you're right. With 141 online users a few votes either way is immaterial. I'm not hurting anyone. I think it's a fair question to ask Bob, afterall, I would interpret the dream to say: Green/White/Red, flags of people from poor nations whose peoples are in need of gold, and if you haven't got gold to give, give what you can, when you can." Truely a type of rapture to give abundantly to the poor.