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Human beings are irrational

Especially the ones who think they aren't irrational. We're all prone to things like confirmation bias. It's the way human brains work. The best we can do is to try to understand those tendencies, and by being aware of them try to avoid the pitfalls that they create.

So I wouldn't call it brainwashing. When someone commits to something, even for very poor reasons, they will have a bias toward continuing with it. The more they've committed money, time and reputation to it the harder it becomes to change their mind. It becomes costly, psychologically, to admit they were wrong. And if they've got someone leading them down that path with schemes that are well-designed to take advantage of human weaknesses, they can become very, very entrenched.

As someone put it below, it sounds like your friend is going to learn a very expensive lesson. Part of being a successful adult is learning not to be gullible about such things. In many ways it would be worse for him if he wins, if he comes up with enough downline suckers to come out ahead. Learning to rationalize treating other people that way is not a positive life lesson.