Comment: Using the word "fringe" is

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Using the word "fringe" is

Using the word "fringe" is simple ad hominem.

Here are your posts below. I'm sure *someone* will think something on there is fringe.

Just be happy that you have variety here. This is the place where we vett *everything* to death.

The truth is that we are winning. Don't sweat the small stuff.

As liberty becomes more popular, why is the DailyPaul becoming more fringe?
Why is Bradley Manning your hero?
DailyPaul covering 5th Ammendment.
Do "True Libertarians" spank their children?
Framing the Debate: Rand Paul, the Apologist of Terrorism.
Why are you posting Bill Maher and Piers Mogan?
Truthers continue to see what they want to see.
We Are NOT Winning.
What do drones actually do?
Should the United States be split up?