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Comment: Love's why..

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Love's why..

What you did took courage. I doubt anyone here has the balls to do that. I don't think I am at that point yet. Somehow, however, they are willing to critic your words and write your speech. Typical.

I don't care if you sounded like a "nutjob". It took me meeting, watching, and hearing many nutjobs (including Dr. RP) to come to the "let me research this" point in my life. I continue to meet nutjobs and learn new things.

The sooner the youth are exposed to nutjobs, the sooner they will question the nutjob, and the soon the awakening will happen. I wish I ran into you when I was 17.

You see, in the pursuit of truth, I have learned that having an awareness of these things makes one a nutjob. Consider it a badge of honor, rather than a condescending title.

Nice Job.

-theredcapper (nutjob)