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Comment: Some of these topics are the reason people come here

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Some of these topics are the reason people come here

One of the reasons why I frequent this site for news is because the topics brought up are often not covered much elsewhere. The post above suggests that the 9/11 narrative is unquestionable and that discussion of the influence of bankers (i.e. "Rothchilds") on our public policy is anathema to the liberty movement. I disagree, but I don't own this website and can be banned at any time for the collective good.

Take the current Syria topic, for example. The idea that our government is supporting Al Qaeda affiliated rebels was initially a very fringe topic. However, there is now growing evidence that is true, and people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have said so in the main stream news.

If a post is pure racist tripe, then I don't mind seeing it banned. However, just because a topic is controversial doesn't mean that it shouldn't be discussed, or that discussing it somehow hurts the collective good.

I am not afraid of ideas and discussion.