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Comment: Stepping Lightly

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Stepping Lightly

I happen to be in a very unique position to interact with active Marines all week long. I always have to be cautious in how I approach discussing the bigger picture with them. The loyalty to Government firewall is very hard to temporarily move aside to have an intelligent conversation with these kids.

A couple weeks ago I had a couple needing my shop services. As I was working I dropped a keyword here and there during the conversation. They were reserved in how they responded to these keywords as the discussion progressed. I mentioned that I understood that they had to be cautious about what they discuss.

As I talked about the 3 percenters, Oathkeepers, The Revolution and Ron Paul all I got from them was smiles or nods now and then. I could read the agreement in their eyes. I finished up the repair and they were ready to drive out when they finally made a statement that confirmed they were on board and somewhat awake.

They asked me if I ever listen to Alex Jones! To hear this from active duty Marines was very promising indeed!

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