Comment: Economics IS key, but 'fringe' is inflammatory

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Economics IS key, but 'fringe' is inflammatory

Once you begin to understand the economics, you inevitably figure out an important truth, that the purpose of the government is to lie to you.

There is no other reason for it to exist. If something is true, it doesn't need government support, or as Jefferson put it:

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."

This understanding is a result of understanding political economy, and economics. If it didn't lie to you, it wouldn't be a government. Firms can lie and not be government, but if it's a government it lies. The state is a monopoly and monopolies exact their rent via force or fraud. It must either lie to you, or, if you stop believing the lies, it must use guns. This is the very real risk we face now, but back to the point..

Is it possible the government is telling the truth about some particular thing? Yes, but only if it cannot get away with lying anymore, or else the truth serves a greater deception.

Once you realize it is not only possible that the government lies, it's inherent to government to lie, then discussing the nature and intention of particular lies is as natural as breathing.

I am very pro-capitalism. But if you don't appreciate why people just figuring this stuff out are upset to realize the extent of the matrix they have been in, perhaps it's you who hasn't figured everything out yet.

Perhaps you still harbor a superstition that government can tell the truth. If this is the case I suggest you haven't understood the lessons yet.