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I agree we need to

I agree we need to communicate much better about how capitalism works. There is a huge misunderstanding out there, even among DP members. The simplest explanation in my mind just has to do with how new wealth is created every time there is a voluntary transaction because both sides benefit and their lives therefore improve, and how all of human history has involved trade, and why people trade.

Then everything that detracts from capitalism begins to look suspect, and people will look into why such things have come about and get to discover things on their own.

The reason there is a desperate attempt by a small group of people to post endless threads on conspiracies is because they are trying to become as fringe as possible to keep out all the new people from their group who are waking up. Outrageous statements, even if they are true, do not wake people up. It's mundane things that we thought everyone already knew, like the government spying on all citizens with massive surveillance programs, that gets people to pay attention.