Comment: For many of us who profess faith

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For many of us who profess faith

For many, who profess faith, atheism is a natural consequence of faith being a gift of understanding.

All man can do is clear the obstacles to understanding.

The Church's response to the Reformation was the Counter-Reformation. Technically, the Counter-Reformation ended with the Second Vatican Council. But people are rotten, and stubborn.

So it comes down to Market share. The red herring of Saint worship, etc is a counter to equally vile attacks by the Church, in days gone by.

Being misguided is often easier and can be emotionally satisfying, but I agree.

Statism is the religion of the Adversary!

On this thread, true and useful debate has prospered for the most part. I like to read what others think, I am a fool, but not foolish enough to think that I know-it-all.

But, one can only go as far as their understanding takes them. The principles of liberty and tolerance present new possibilities in the history of mankind.

Free includes debt-free!