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still you fail to give an answer

You have Bible. I have a Bible. We both call this holy book infallible.

I questioned how we each have come to know this book is correct.

I have explained that I believe it is infallible because the Church says it is. That Jesus, to Peter, etc, etc...passed on the teachings of the Church until the Bible was compiled (obviously I explained far more detail in a post below).

You give no answer but provide 3 links so others can answer for you. Well here is the best answer I saw among them:
"Ok, so where did we get the Bible from, if it wasn’t from the Catholic Church?
Demanding an answer to questions like “Who gave us the Bible?” is actually misleading. There is no one person or group that is responsible for giving us the Bible. [...] Even though there were some doubts concerning a few of the books that would eventually end up in the canon, there was, collectively, a general consensus among Christians on most of the books. Only a few of them were actually disputed."

So is that your answer? It was an amorphous group of Christians over the centuries that just kinda decided:
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John - In
Revelation -...I guess so.
Gospel of Thomas - nah, we've got 4 of those to transcribe already.

All joking aside; is your answer that our perfect scripture was decided by common consensus of Christians in the centuries after Christ's life? I don't mean to put words in your mouth, I'm asking your understanding. So, is that your position?