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Comment: Here's the MP3 link for the full interview:

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Here's the MP3 link for the full interview:

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** NOTE: I haven't listened to the below link, but from the looks of it, it's the entire show, and the link above is just the FULL Ron Paul interview segment. (will update once I listen to it later, if it's not)

Episode 58: Ron Paul Interview and the History of

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We begin with an interview that Chris, Joe Ruiz, and Ryan Ripley did with Ron Paul in advance of his trip to Indiana on Tuesday evening. Then Chris, Greg, Miah, and Chris Peffers discuss the history of interventions, what it means for Syria, and what the libertarian movement looks like because of Ron Paul’s legacy. Listen Here.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul Responds to the MSNBC/Alex Wagner Interview and Attacks on Rand Paul

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In an interview with We Are Libertarians and The Shill Report, Ron Paul shared his opinion on the combative interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner on Tuesday.

“That little episode with MSNBC, I didn’t like what happened,” said Paul. “But afterwards, a lot of people close to me said “No, it’s beneficial. A lot of people are willing to defend me, and they said it came out quite well.”

When asked if interviews like this are an indirect way to hurt his son, Rand Paul, he had this to say:

“It’s hard for me because I know what they are doing,” said the three-time Presidential candidate. “I am not important in the sense that I don’t have a vote, I don’t go to Washington, and that sort of thing. Rand I think is good. I think he is very fluent, and he knows how to present the message. They fear him, and they don’t want that message out. He has a tough job. Though he gets some benefits from what I have done, he also gets all of the disadvantages in that if I have a position that the mainstream media can attack, they will. It is a combination. They do not want our message out, and they do not want him to get further along. I feel more badly about how it might hurt him than me getting hit again because I’ve been living with that a long time. I sort of expect it.”

Predictions in due Time...

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