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A smart, long-term investment imho

I think anything we do to spread the truth and promote freedom is highly likely to do good in the long run, as opposed to remaining silent. There's no exact way of measuring how much impact a particular message had short of setting up a scientific study, standardizing the message, controlling other variables, and measuring the short- and long-term behavior of the recipients of the message versus people who weren't exposed to the message. However, each of us was convinced of the value of freedom at some point, thanks to the right message at the right time. None of those kids or Marines responded by instantly agreeing, but I'm sure some seeds were planted, and at least some will question the morality of joining the military merely to be the enforcement arm of the power elite, and/or will be more receptive to the next pro-freedom message they hear. The fact that they stopped their gung-ho shouting and stood around talking quietly seems to indicate they were absorbing and discussing the information, which seems like a good sign. If even one of those people chooses to pursue a different career instead of the military, and one innocent life is saved as a result, it's a victory and a very valuable payoff on a minimal investment of a few minutes time and a little courage to give voice to the truth, imho.