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You make some very good

You make some very good points, but it is often easier to peacefully coexist with those who are apathetic to ones spiritual beliefs or who dismiss them entirely that ones who take what you believe is scared and smear it with names like "Whore of Babylon" and "Anti-Christ".

I try very hard to be kind and courteous in my comments, but I also defend my Church. You won't see me taking pot shots or slinging mud at others. I will tell them that a position is hypocritical or unresearched, but I'm not going to label anyone evil or stupid or satanic.

I can even see their point to a degree. They think Catholics created a new faith and pulled a billion humans into participation in on it.

My position is likely easier to hold even though it is the one being constantly attacked, because I look at them as focusing on a small fraction of the Truth God has revealed to the world. I may have to endure some name calling, but ultimately I can think they are still being Baptized and following the Bible, so they can be admitted to Heaven where presumably all truth will be revealed the they will then come to see that the Catholic Church was Christ's true church all along.

Anti-Catholics however, look to Catholics and think - they are heretics, apostates, idolaters. Upon death, Catholics will not have a chance at heaven but will instead burn for eternity. Thus is it requires poor etiquette who cares because people's souls are at stake.

My point it mainly in trying to correct those anti-Catholics when they mis-represent Catholic beliefs. I know 99% of them will never actually become Catholic, but I do think a good number of them could at least call Catholics brothers and sisters in Christ if they stopped spreading lies and misrepresenting Catholic teachings in every public forum.