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Yes, having fun Jim

It is all good. Sometimes this place is a drag, sometimes it is fun.

People who are so rigid, and take themselves so seriously can be a buzzkill. Sometimes the best defense is a little humor.

Which brings to mind Chapter 76 of the Tao Te Ching

When a man is living, he is soft and supple.
When he is dead, he becomes hard and rigid.
When a plant is living, it is soft and tender.
When it is dead, it becomes withered and dry.
Hence, the hard and rigid belongs to the company of the dead:
The soft and supple belongs to the company of the living.
Therefore, a mighty army tends to fall by its own weight,
Just as dry wood is ready for the axe.
The mighty and great will be laid low;
The humble and weak will be exalted.

Thanks for being fringy, Jim, and thanks for being here. Nice to hear from you.


All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.