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I'm not sure you understand

I'm not sure you understand Catholic marriage or that we are even talking about the same things. The state can call to people married, but the state cannot unite their souls. The state simply enters into a contract with the couple whereby each of the 3 parties have legal powers to hold the other 2 to certain standards according the the nations laws and with recourse to the judicial system.

Christian marriage has nothing to do with any of these laws, courts, or the government. Catholic's get married by a Catholic priest and witness the marriage on behalf of the Church. As a matter of convenience, they also agree to serve & sign as the state's witness so the couple doesn't need to go do a 2nd ceremony in front of a judge to get the courts to agree to give civil privileges.

But if you think that state can cancel a Catholic marriage try getting a divorce from the Catholic Church, you can't. The Church won't allow it, the Church isn't capable of it. The Church is only capable of providing the graces God has endowed them with and He never gave the Church a ceremony of divorce. I remember an individual who had been baptized by the Church and wanting the baptism revoked. They actually took the Catholic Church to court. The Church explained there is no such thing as an unbaptism. In the end the Church did not remove the baptism.

Similarly, you can go get the State's part of the marriage revoked but they Catholic portion is intact and the Church will not acknowledge any future marriage as valid.

Now there is annulment. Annulment will surely be viewed by some as a "get out of jail free card" for the Church on this issue, but it essentially says the marriage never existed in the first place - so you are now free to get married in the Church because the 1st marriage was not valid.

Annulments are quite hard to obtain, I have 2 uncles that tried for years and were denied by the council (correctly in my opinion because I think their 1st marriages were licit/true marriages). According to the church they are still married to their 1st wives and commit adultery with the 2nd wives that the state has permitted.