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While the rest of the world seems teetering on a NWO, Israel has been creating a Innovative Based Economic Stratigy, which is bringing in tons of contracts from all over the world, as countries are looking to Israel for solutions.. the teetering world has 1.2 million Jews seeking asylem in Israel, they illegal settlements are a racket, Israel is tried of mending from desperate people.. so they need to expand because Israel has become one of the freest nations on earth and people want to be there.. These "Arab Springs" are the fault of Israel because as people wjho live in the ME go to Israel, they want Israel to be where they live too!

I believe that's why Assad is stattioned hwere he is, becasue he fears, the rebels will take that area and try to make deals with Israel..

They have no need to destablize the ME.. they are destablizing the ME because the people of the ME look at Israel and say.. "Man! Why can't we have that or do that?" "Why are we so backwards and they have it all?"

One kids gets a cell phone, then all the kids want a cell phone, now you have a ME wanting cell phones, and if you want to call it destablizing.. ok.. but to me, it's progress, which is definately a destablizing agent.