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israel needs to expand

as people want to live like they do,want to have what they have
but israel is supposedly surrounded by enemies?
since when can another country steal the spoils of war?
how does that work? we go to the ME,topple some regime we installed
then israel gets first pick at the new founded land?
It seems to me,that if israel gets land then they are involved
and yes it is called destabilizing,if we topple another by nefarious means
another country,reflect back to all wars so far(it was all done to overthrow
who was in charge(ones we installed in the first place,and or backed or both) then a whole assortment of folk to invade,take over whats left,and steal what rightfully does not belong to them
In more recent times,this has been done covertly,no paper trails,and not too many the wiser
The CIA has had their bloody hands involved all over this planet,sticking their meddling fingers into things not of our concern>But is it done to protect america's interests(not people) it is corporations interests
and this goes against our highest laws,this matters not to the ones in charge,but it is done in our name
I for one am sick of the lies,and all the wars,there has been not one war
where full disclosure of facts were presented,they are all based on lies.and i am sick of the ones who hide behind some banner to fulfill their agendas to keep us at war.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence