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Fraternal disputes are often the most heated

And that was kinda why I was trying to defuse this a bit.

But it really is sad when liberty folk fight over stuff like this. If we agree on liberty I really don't even understand why we're doing this, theist<>atheist, Christian<>Catholic, Anarchis<>Minarchist<>Constitutionalist, etc. Why? If we agree on liberty what does it really matter?

My worry sometimes is that people don't really agree on liberty and may be 'fair weather' libertarians, against state power.. until they get power. Which category includes the entire progressive left apparently who opposed the surveillance state, wars, and corporate welfare.. until a D was in the oval office.

So I worry our liberty upswell is partly disaffected statists from the right, who will immediately resume their statolatry once a Romney or Christie gets in the oval office. And when I see these disputes, it sort of confirms this worry.

I don't believe in god (though neither do I disbelieve in god) but I do think there is a devil, and the evil is in us, is part of us. It's the evil of collectivism, which is just a way for some men to prey on fellow men, rather than the land and the beasts of the earth.

Collectivism is men using other men as resources. It's an evolutionary strategy that all animals have in varying degrees, but in my opinion humans have least of all beasts. Specifically the lack of strong collectivist social structure allowed humans to breed 'freely', which increased the rate of evolution. Humans dominate because of math. A herd or hive or even pack which restricts mating to a very few per generation simply will never compete with many small, mostly monogamous couples.

In a sense, marriage and liberty and 'traditional' family values are exactly what led to human superiority. I'm sure this take doesn't appeal to a theist, even if you agree with the sentiment:) But I kinda wanted to share that our outlook may be more similar than not.

Collectivists want to reverse this and turn us into a hive, herd, pack. In essence they want to make men into beasts.

The state is the instrument of collectivism. I would say it is the instrument of Satan.

The questions:

Is is a little evil really necessary?
Is a little evil even possible?
Is it reasonable to assume good can grow from evil?

History seems to give us abundant proof the answer to these questions is no. The state always grows. Despite a brilliant document like the Constitution supposed to prevent it.. the evil grows.

That said I'm in favor of any reduction of the evil, and anyone that honestly wants to reduce it, even if they don't see yet that really it should eliminated altogether, is an ally.