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Since when?

Treaties are made for peace.. Assad has no control over Syrai, he's bombing the bejeesus out of it.. he has Russia overseeing him.. and so we know Russia's interest is the popeline.. and Israel doesn't care if the pipeline gets built, as long as it's not going to be any threat to Israel's right to9 exist and do what it wants to do.. the world can teeter away, but don't mess with Israel.

Jordan and Egypt have peace agreements with Israel.. so that leaves, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza (which Israel returned, and the West Bank.. Israel returned to the Palestinians.. and they have not done well, people blame Israel, but Israel has helped them with electricity, water.. I hear the opposite and I wind up finding the fact is, Israel helps it's neighbors.. right now they are treating Syrians in their hospitals.. and this is between doctors.. so I think it is going to be that by healing Syria.. which Israel can help, give those Syrians who want freedom the border of Israel, there by let Syrai have some of the fruit from an innovative based economy plan, and let Russia/Iran and Syria have their pipe.

As for destablizing.. This is not western thinking.. In the west women can and do wear bikinis because we believe that men can act rationally around women even in bikinis. This is not true in the ME, where women cover themselves because they attract men.. this is backwards thinking to me.. Israel needs to be removed because it's attraction destablizes those who see it with envy.