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Comment: Do you know a large number of "Christians" who chear and wave

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Do you know a large number of "Christians" who chear and wave

flags when the US massacres tens of thousands of Muslims with its military operations?

Beheading might be graphic, but its rare - ESPECIALLY rare compared to the tens of thousands that we have killed with bullets ripping through their bodies, and bombs blowing their bodies apart.

Our view of the war has been sanitized. I doubt that you have seen many images of blown up bodies and those burned to a crisp, but even conservative estimates say we have done it tens of thousands of times.

Did you think that US troops "defending our freedom" (biggest falsity there is), did it by giving them all a "firm talking to"?

If you SAW the images of torn apart bodies in proportion to the number that we have killed and compared to the number of beheadings you might have seen - you might change your biased opinion.