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Not mearly opinion

As you have stated, there are ways to find out how doing something positive does snow ball, as in the butterfly effect, compared to doing nothing.

The scale of the effect may be unknown, or unknowable, but the fact that there is a positive effect is easy enough to measure, as fact, in personal experiences exchanged from one to another.

I can still remember the time I read that first awakening book in High School, as a project for a class, a book report, and so I went to the library and found, for whatever reason, a book titled The Lusitania.

It was a whistle blowing type expose on the lies and the facts concerning the sinking of that ship.

Had I not read that book my life would be different, by how much I don't know, but that is one of many cases where I can say that my viewpoint is illustrated by the phrase "standing upon the shoulders of giants" or some such intention to credit those before me who have dared to speak out against the lies.