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Disagree w/ you both. I don't see Israel talking about expansion

I don't see Israel talking about expansion.

I see Obama and the U.N. calling Israel to go back to '67 borders, I see the U.N. advocating for a Palestinian State, taking more land from Israel...
...'67 borders leaves Israel militarily indefensible, exactly like Hitler annexing the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, where all of it's defenses were.

I learn about Eisenhower forcing Israel through US-UN sanctions to give back the Suez Canal, and Sinai desert (which is part of ancient Biblical Israel) that Israel fairly captured back from Egypt in the '73 war.

Israel is a tiny country already, and the U.N. and other globalists want Israel to get smaller & smaller, until it' gone. Any push back, or plan to retake their own land, is called "expansionist", and "imperialist". It's crazy.

The 'Palestinian' Muslims (backed by U.N.) demand a separate state. They get it, then they call it 'Apartheid'. They want to have their cake and eat it to.
They rely on Israel to give them aid, then blame Israel because they are starving. The Palestinian Authority takes the 'aid' and keeps it for themselves.

And they want to be a sovereign nation? How?

Only if the U.N. globalists are their partners, to provide them aid, can 'Palestine' survive. Same thing they claim about Israel. But that's really not the case with Israel, which was abandoned by Britain in 1948, and left Jews to fend for themselves. That's how Israel is here now, because it CAN stand on it's own.

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