Comment: Key Words, Triggers, And Definitions

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Key Words, Triggers, And Definitions

The first issue is the usage of the word 'fringe'.
A 'fringe' (noun) is an edge, or, THE edge of a specific item (or, in the case of this posting, an 'idea'). NATURALLY, the pre-conditioning process of socialization has associated a 'fringe' with a 'fray' (a RIPPED or TORN edge). For example, some of his contemporaries considered Einstein to be on the 'fringe' of the scientific community.

Your issues regarding the root causes of the current crisis in this nation are obvious (there are no 'conspiracies', and anyone who states that there are is obviously 'fringe', as you state). You DO know, of course, how Ron Raul feels about the Rothschild central banking system that created the Federal Reserve System, of course? That little thing about, 'END THE FED!'?

NO. YOU, here on this site, appear to be the frayed edge, 'snakepit'.

Sorry, I can't help you understand about the concept of 'liberty'.