Comment: I don't know any Christians that are bloodthirsty,

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I don't know any Christians that are bloodthirsty,

but I have met many "self proclaimed" and some even ordained Christians of various stripes who are self righteous, bloodthirsty, warmongering McCain Republicans. Many have posted on here that it doesn't occur in their particaular denomination.

This Saturday in southern Indiana, I attended a wedding of one of my friends where people of many "Christian" denominations attended. At the reception, a group of about ten to twelve people started talking about the necessity of war with Syria. I heard verbs used: bomb, nuke, gas, destroy. I heard nouns with adjectives: Arabs, towel heads, sand niggers, muslims, heathens.

While the Amish and the Menonites, in character, refused to participate in the discussion, the hateful group was represented by Baptist (General), Christian (Disciples of Christ), Pentecostal, Assembly of God and Catholic.

When they asked my opinion, I pointed out that one had a brother and the other had a son in the military and I would never put that burden on them. I said I believe the US should be a neutral, peaceful country like Switzerland and that this country has not fought a necessary war since WW2 (I know that was avoidable). When I said that we should be more like the Christ who would love thy neighbor and turn the other cheek, they looked at me like I was crazy and walked away.

So much for a Buddhist preaching the peaceful ways of the Christ to the "disciples of Christ".