Comment: Old Gandhi was a bit of an

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Old Gandhi was a bit of an

agitator, always pushing the "buttons" of the authorities. He was repeatedly arrested and imprisoned. He led a "mob" in the criminal activity of evaporating seawater to make salt. Another time he was arrested for conspiring to overthrow the government, a charge he willingly pleaded guilty to and was imprisoned for, of course.

Snowden fits the bill too, agitator. The list goes on.

I can sympathize with your position and I agree that a cool head is beneficial and necessary. I also believe that we need more activists to engage in civil disobedience in order to dismantle the legitimacy of authoritarian structures by exposing unjust and unconstitutional "laws" to the light of public awareness and scrutiny.

Tolerating Adam's actions does not equate endorsing them. As far as I can tell, he was caged for engaging in non-violent and constitutionally protected behavior, so personally I have no problem with his choices. I appreciate the work he is doing even though I have no desire to follow him nor do I seek to conduct myself in any manner similar to his. I make my own choices according to the unique desires of my heart, as should everyone else in their own lives. Do no harm, and seek to tolerate and embrace our differences as this is the key to sustainable diversity, a core fundamental strength.

There isn't just one "correct" path. What I observe seems to be limitless numbers of unique paths (globally) simultaneously carving out this territory of freedom which we seek to create. We are entirely interdependent upon one another for the success of this cause. Positive energy fuels creativity, a crucial thing many of us could probably agree we need loads more of.