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downvotes aside...

I like the news posted here but I want to be challenged on my ideas and thoughts. And understand details etc. So many topics people post the same predictable simplistic stuff, some self-congratulating on how smart we are, others hurling ad hominem attacks at people or declaring every conspiracy theory as fact.

I want to know more about ideas, philosophies etc. I guess I'm partly to blame for not posting good original content myself. But it's clear the level of articulate posts here has dwindled down and the majority of the people here believe in a comically-like perception of the world. It's like every bad Youtube conspiracy video altogether.

But it was Michael's choice to run the site like this and I respect that and the idealism of the reasons behind it. It's just that human nature and the Internet yields some ridiculous behavior and inevitably every online forum degrades due to the new posters. It's not unique to Ron Paul supporter nor politics. This is why I believe more moderation was/is needed here.

And RPF is more for political activism I think.

Check out for activism and news.