Comment: What I got from Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio

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What I got from Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio

Bill Nelson:
Being the incredibly busy and important guy that he is, he took about 90 seconds to scribble a few sentences that don't really say anything and handed the scrap of paper to an intern who does the internet stuff.

Said intern typed up the message, a staffer proof reader added, "I very much appreciated hearing from you on this important issue. Varied perspectives help me to be a better public servant. Thank you."

The intern dumped an address list into the BCC field and away it went.

ps: The above is not a factual depiction of what took place, but do you think it is far off?

Marco Rubio:
I received the very same automated reply I always get from Senator Rubio: (In other words, NOTHING!)

"Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Your correspondence has been received and I welcome the opportunity to address your concerns. Hearing directly from constituents such as yourself is truly an honor, and your input is much appreciated.

Please look for my response in the near future. In an effort to serve you better, please do not duplicate e-mails into the web-form, as it may serve to delay the response to your concerns. If you need immediate assistance with a federal agency, please call (866) 630-7106, toll-free in Florida. Please do not mail materials that require immediate attention to the Washington DC Office. Due to security screenings, postal mail can take up to four weeks to be delivered and will delay our response to your request.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio