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S. you are so correct. The VAST majority of people want to do the same thing. Be secure in their homes, have friends and community, be productive and respected. I worked in large corporations and saw the political correctness in Corporate life infiltrate it in the 70's-80's, and the business being moved overseas. And I spent wonderful years in a small engineering firm doing something nobody else was doing and we had a ball and didn't mind that the Greek software genius we hired out of Texas Instruments didn't wear deoderant and smelled like a f+ng human at the end of the day, maybe an 18 hr day.

That was fun, but eventually the company was bought up by a NWO corp. None of the advancements we made could possible been directed by centralized control. Nobody could have guessed the goal because we were rolling back the foreskin of it each and every day with discovery.

Centralized control squelches much more than it creates. People like Goldspan a DP member get's it somewhat, but he never wants to take it to the next step. Why he's here to fight against (what is BEHIND) the foundation of the Fed, I don't know. But that is where he pops up.

Folks, people don't want to control commerce for any other reason than controlling every faction of your life.

Dr. Paul has been preaching that for 40 years, G. Edward Griffin a bit longer, and a growing team on DP I love to death get it.

We are going to win this by 100,000 cuts to the NWO. And they are going to be exposed, or go away. Their deception is falling apart.

People all over the world have been fighting it for YEARS and have suffered a lot by our ignorance of that deception.