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I think

I think you're missing my point. Muslim extremism is truly violent. Is Christian extremism violent? No. Do Muslims kill Christians, simply for being Christian, put them in prison for being Christians and is that consistent with their religious beliefs? Yes it is. And while I wouldn't put a specific number on them, I would bet it is a noticeable percentage of total Muslim population. We Christians have a black eye too, Westboro Baptist is pretty ugly, but that is one church, total congregation size, what... 1,000? Out of the world of Evangelicals, what is the percentage? Out of the population of total world Christianity, what's the percentage there? I don't know any Christians that wave flags and get excited about anyone being killed ever. That is a true statement. But if the did, they could be convicted of sinning, I'm not sure that can be said for a Muslim who would do the same.

You can call my opinion biased, I don't accept that.

It's a good thing I didn't buy Delorenzo's book on Lincoln, it was on my list, but to know he can't even read a news article for content makes me think he can't be a great historian.