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I think

It's our not following the constitution that has gotten US is trouble, conflicting, hypocritical.. since the UN, we have been rapidly losing our constitution to precident, and that's dangerous.. how we find ourselves in these wars for commodities globally..

Chemical weapons are not as hard to come by as DU.. Chemical weapons are cheap, and work very well, so they are illegal on an international scale.. so when you have a leader using chemical weapons against his own people.. and no one does anything.. it set a precident.. Chemical weapons on your own people is OK.

That's where we are at. It's OK for Assad, and it can be OK for anyone.. all they have to say is "Assad did it".

Let's never forget the UN Agenda wants a population reduction to sustain 500 million total global human population.. I see chemical weapons being used by many leaders to thin their populations because no one is going to stop them.