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Here is that poll, Libera_Me

I saw your question in the comments bar on the Israeli poll you are looking for. I found it here on jpost as well as many other links. The poll was in several Israeli newspapers. I dislike it also when statements are made as fact but without the supporting link! ;)

There are supposed to be several others released today per an article I read last night in Haaretz but have not had time to look.

I believe the poster was referring to this one: "The US and European countries should attack Syria, but Israel should not be involved in the assault, two polls in weekend Hebrew newspapers found.

While polls in the US and United Kingdom have found overwhelming opposition to their countries attacking Syria, a Gal Hadash poll published in Israel Hayom found that 66.6 percent of respondents would be in favor of American and European military intervention in Syria.

Only 17% opposed a US/EU strike and 16.4% did not know.
When asked whether they thought such an attack would take place, 72.8% said yes, 15.8% no, and 11.4% did not know.

Asked whether they were concerned that American intervention in Syria would lead to Israeli intervention in the war, 66.8% said yes, 28.7 said no and 4.5% did not know. Regarding what Israeli intervention there would be, 57.4% said limited IDF activity, 14.1% said Syria would attack Israel but the IDF would not respond, 12.9% said there would be all out Middle East war, and 15.6% did not know.

A separate Ma’agar Mohot poll published in Friday’s Ma’ariv found that Israelis overwhelmingly oppose an Israeli strike on Syria. If America does not intervene in Israel’s northeastern neighbor, 77% of respondents who expressed an opinion said Israel should not get involved militarily, 11% said the IDF should, and 12% said they did not know and other answers.

>>> * When divided among how people voted in the January general election, 79% of Likud voters opposed Israeli military intervention in Syria, while 96% of Labor and Meretz voters were opposed."

*p.s. Hope this info helps. I know there are many in Israel that do not want a strike and support a much more sane and moderate foreign policy overall but the right wing Likud rules there like our neo-cons do here! Ughhh! I put it in this thread because I there is someone in that conversation I blocked and don't wish to engage.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.