Comment: just a note: flashback; the KIDS came up with the concept!

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just a note: flashback; the KIDS came up with the concept!

wow, I totally forgot about this, but seriously, r3VOL, be proud that we have such brilliant parents raising even more brilliant kids!

here's an old exchange with Rob Hino(josa) who said that he knew the family personally:


Thanks for reposting this!
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My friend's children are so intelligent and knowledgeable! He's got some other great videos too he's been making with puppets!

Puppets Teach Inflation is Theft With Super Duper Ultra Rare Shiny Legendary Deluxe EX Psychic Dargor Pokemon Card!

Puppet Economics Episode 2: Stolen Burritos in Time

Great content for the Grandpaul Facebook Page that his wife helps me manage, though we're not very active there. Who remembers how it started?!


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didn't know you guys knew each other!

How amazingly awesome is it that R3VOL parents raise the most awesomest of awesome kids, too!

I know they're simply singing what the parent wrote, but to sing it that well??

Was that ever on the front page here on DP?

I can think of nothing better or more apt than Obamikado, in light of Rand's EPIC filibuster.

Thanks for the links, Rob!


The kids came up with the concept...
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The kids came up the concept and helped with some of the lyrics. They're extremely bright. The Rufus puppet show vids are improve I believe.

Yeah, it was featured on the front page.


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I'm stunned. Because to do a parody of a high geopolitical issue with impeccable rhythmic, rhyme-y, catchy, current-event commentary?


And, it was suggested by the kids themselves? From the sound of their voices they seem all younger than 10!

I LOVE R3VOL! So loving the idea that, those are the kids who'll inherit the Earth, or at least be a steward to a small part of it.

Only if we had like 7 billion of them; they'll all still be equally special;o)

LOL: some R3VOL kids are trained to fight, VERY VERY WELL, since age 11!

In my ideal world, everyone in America would know how to run an AR or AK, Glock or M1911 and fight with it like Frank Proctor/Costa/Haley/Pincus/Howe/Lamb/Yeager et al, survive like James Wesley Rawles, Cody Lundin, Ron Hood, be as genteel and principled like Dr. Paul, learn to design, create and build like Syd Mead, and be entrepreneurial like Steve Jobs, and be brilliant philosophers like Bastiat.

Too much to ask? LOL

Well, at least on the manual of arms, fight mechanics side, they can start by watching some of these:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul