Comment: The MIC will tell you that "there is no cure"

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The MIC will tell you that "there is no cure"

Thanks for the books Henry.

The MIC (Medical Industrial Complex) will tell you that "there is no cure for diabetes." This has to do with how the FDA defines substances that can "cure" you. By their definition, the only thing that can do that is a "drug" that is manufactured by a pharmaceutical. Of course this all comes about due to legislative capture. The FDA is just the mouthpiece of industry.

But let me tell you - there is only one thing that can cure anything, and it is not a drug, it is the human immune system. YOUR immune system.

Most Americans saddle their immune systems with the Standard American Diet (SAD), so it is too busy dealing with so much crap - fat, salt, sugar, excess carbohydrates, dead meats, rancid oils, etc - that it is just trying to keep things clean.

First, clear the diet of the crap. Get to eating live foods that the body was designed to eat, and can digest easily, without extra effort or a second thought. Once that is clear, the diabetes, and many other ailments will simply disappear. Your body will cure itself.

Why Suffer? was written by Ann Wigmore. She was the pioneer of the multiple uses of wheatgrass, sprouts and other living foods.

Medicine will not cure you. Only your body can heal itself.

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