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You must at least concede a govt coverup

of vital information regarding the collapse of all three buildings.
Before I begin my rant, why would it matter if it took 20 seconds or 7 seconds for Bldg 7 to fall - which it did not. You are not siding with govt's official report, are you?
How can any human being who has viewed the video footage of Bldg 7 collapse say it did not collapse in about 7 seconds? That is just not rational. If one can count to ten or use a stop watch he would know that Bldg 7 did fall in about 7 seconds - are you saying it was presented in "slow motion" video? I don't think so but will check further. Also, if you viewed the footage, you would know that the center columns were taken out before the collapse because by watching the center of the roof line you can see the center move downward before the perimeter of building began to move. One more obvious note, squibs, which are explosions on individual floors, can be seen shooting out the windows on the lower floors well before that portion of the building disappeared into the ground. Those squibs can be seen running up the building as the building was coming down, which satisfactorily stops any argument that collapsing building caused individual floors to explode debris out the windows - no, these squibs were going up as building was coming down, totally against the laws of nature. Knocking out the center columns and individual floor columns allowed Bldg 7 to free fall in about 7 seconds.

I'm sure the Architects worked closely with Engineers so their testimony regarding support beam strength would add more credibility to any report suggesting any of those three buildings could not ever be brought down by planes laden with fuel.
The three WTC buildings were without question the most overbuilt buildings ever constructed in the history of our planet, and you can check that with any engineer worth his salt.

The conclusion is all three buildings were demolitioned, an inside job. Bush should be hanged.