Comment: It's a matter of interpretation

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It's a matter of interpretation

There are many video games that deal with similar subject matter (spying, totalitarian states, corrupt governments, abusing technology etc.) and one could connect any given number of them to real life events without too much effort.

Take Deus Ex for example. Deus Ex involves the Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, and Israeli-Arab wars, but it's just a sort of alternate future/what if scenario. The series isn't trying to predict the future or condition people to accept this or that.

That said, there are a few games that are little more than propaganda and/or what I like to call "interactive advertisements", but those games are usually so obvious that nobody could mistake them for anything else (America's Army, Pepsiman, Call of Duty and so on)

Tl;dr- I think it just comes down to art imitating life and vise versa.

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