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Infallible? Do you REALLY believe that?

smber2c: "You have Bible. I have a Bible. We both call this holy book infallible."

Really? Then why are you a Catholic? Catholicism is not in the Bible.

"So is that your answer? It was an amorphous group of Christians over the centuries that just kinda decided:
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John - In
Revelation -...I guess so.
Gospel of Thomas - nah, we've got 4 of those to transcribe already."

Christians don't take the Bible as cavalierly as the Catholic Church and you do. The first two links (and many others you can quickly find with google) answer your question – you even quoted a good portion of the answer in your post above. You completely ignored that, just as you ignored the six points I made in this paragraph:

"The Roman Catholic church did not give us the Bible. It didn't even exist at the time the books of the Bible were commonly accepted as canon. Additionally, the Catholic Church has a long history of discouraging laypeople from reading it, claiming only they can interpret it, and even executed people that had a Bible in a language other than Latin."

If you believe the Bible is God's infallible word, then you would believe point number 4 from the page you quoted:

"If the Catholic Church really did give us the Bible, then why do so many of its teachings either contradict the Scriptures, or cannot be found within its pages (e.g., doctrines like confession to a priest, Mary’s sinless birth and life, Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, indulgences, Purgatory, the Treasury of Merit, the office of pope, praying to saints, etc., etc.)? Interestingly, we find none of these in the Bible they claim to have given us."

So do you really believe God's word is infallible, or do you believe the Catholic Church over the Bible?

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