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Wow, listen to these comments people.

One after another are agreeing that Rand is not saying it like it is, but pandering to the sheople, taking the popular stance. Read my comment/rant earlier and you may see there could be another view.
Rand may be siding with Obama.
It was never the end game to bomb Syria, but to remove Assad and gain control so Saudi Arabia and Qatar can have their natural gas pipeline through Syria to supply Europe. Isn't that the story we heard and read that is so much more compelling then merely pointing fingers and saying "Assad did it". I mean what kind of argument is that. It smacks of Iraq "weapons of mass destruction" bull crap and we're sucking it all up.
Btw, I'm getting tired of Rand Paul not saying the truth of 9/11. Since when did Al Quaeda have anything to do with it? Because the sheople believe they did it does not make it so - it was American govt. Where's all the protesting on this site. Think we've been infiltrated.
I think Rand switched sides; he can't be so stupid to try to gain favor with the sheople. He will lose credibility with honest Constitutionalists like myself and in the long run he will not be electable.
I need uplifting; think I'll listen to Miller again.