Comment: My heartfelt thanks to ALL of you for commenting here

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My heartfelt thanks to ALL of you for commenting here

and giving me such comfort and love at this time of pain and tremendous sorrow in my life.

Today is the viewing; tomorrow is the funeral. I don't know how well I will cope with it, with so many emotions running rampant inside of me. My heart is shattered and just when it looks like I've got myself and all the pieces under control, someone says something nice about my husband (everyone loved him... it was so easy to love him) or certain thoughts of him pop into my head, and I go on a crying jag.

But, I want you to know that the Daily Paul community has been my safe place for almost a year now. It's a place where I could always go to escape from the pressure (of caring for and watching my beloved husband fade away, slowly, slowly, slowly) and be with really good people. You would always grab my attention with some post or comment and give me a little reprieve from the often unbearable stress at home. You kept me going, taking my mind off of my personal problems for a while. You and this community gave me what I needed to face another ongoing episode of panic and crisis, time and time again for the past year. There are no words to convey to all of you the gratitude that is in my heart for you, especially now.

It gave me comfort to see some old and dear friends commenting here, as well as some new friends. I know it is in times like this that a person finds out who his/her friends really are and is often surprised.

Fonta, thank you for your friendship and love in doing this post from your heart.

Michael, thank you for making it possible for fonta and me to meet and become solid friends. You made so many wonderful bonds of love and purpose possible between strangers who call each other friends now. DPers never cease to amaze me, with the depth of their love and willingness to help each other, while working together for the common cause of Liberty. My heartfelt gratitude to you, Michael.

May God bless ALL of you with love.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox