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bdunn what is your problem?

i said i wouldn't respond to the other items in your last post, not an entirely new one. i did not expect an apology from someone who insists they are right even when proven wrong. i didn't "insist" on an apology. you sure like to twist a persons words to try and make your case. the post was confusing for YOU but no one else. don't you find that a wee bit curious? i reread the exchanges as well, and telling a person they believe they are in denial is a lot different that telling a person they are full of hate, so from my perspective you threw the first punch, and you were PROVEN WRONG, but what should i expect from someone who demands names for proof that there are evangelical warmongers, and a person who pumps themselves up with "i'm a christian" a good christian is not boastful to my mind. finally if you can't stand a lively exchange then you should think twice before sticking your foot in your mouth and posting absurd replies..