Comment: A puppet show

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A puppet show

While we are distracted by threats of Attack upon Syria by Obama and fellow zio-Roth puppets the intentional curency collapse third cycle is upon us.

So while the puppets on stage threaten to blow up the audiance the theives go around stealing peoples homes and property leading those who resist off to corporate slave prisons.

Best to not watch this puppet show and start thinking about food water, guns and butter. When they stop talking about the national debt thats the time to watch out.

PS if your real about follow the money do not blame some corporation as if it has its own life. Those corporations serve the purpose of hiding true ownership and hiding those who call the shots and are responsible for what those corps do. All trails lead to only one human family name.

Blaming a corporation is like blaming a rock that was used to commit a murder. The rock is not responsible nor is the corp. But in the dis info game they definatly love to blam the corps the multi nationals the media war complex. These are all red herrings to hide the zionist leader family name.