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I would add

I would add that if Atheism ruled, then this word evil you keep using is undefined. There can be no judgement whatsoever (if you're being intellectually honest) of religious people being "evil". Because there is no standard by which to make that judgement other than personal preference. There is no seed of evil in Christianity, I deny that statement. If you argue from a Christian framework, or some other framework that provides... well... a framework, ha, then you can condemn this group or that for their "seed of evil". But otherwise, there is no such thing as evil, only humans dancing to their dna (a la Dawkins), and as Bastiat said, people will always choose the path of least resistance to get what they want, and plunder is easier. Without a Christian framework, or some objective framework which Atheism decidedly IS NOT, then no one can claim that plunder is "evil". All we can say is, survival of the fittest or majority rule will probably prevail, because as you said, evil does indeed reside in us (as scripture teaches) and that will prevail in this age. We see it all the time.

That being said, we are indeed on the same team, I will defend your right not to believe always, take it to the bank and I do in turn truly respect you. I believe about you as you believe I'm sure about me, that your belief is ultimately irrational and incompatible with liberty. Ha, but I'm glad that such a smart guy is on my side. Peace.