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Ok my example

Lets say you have a choice. TO be sucker punched in the head or be punched in the head knowing in advance who will do it and when its comming?

Me ill always take the advanced info and use it to the best I can at very least it gives me a reaction time edge over those who will be in shock or confused when they get hit.

My response will be better to know in advance even if I can do nothing more to prepare.

Look we are all going to the same destination. We make diferent turns at crossroads there is no wrong answer. The keys are to have inner peace and to adress and control your fears. Have fait and confidence in yourself that you will make the best choices possible and take the best actions possible. That you will do everything to prepare against the worst case and hope for the best.

Knowing dont make it easier just the same as freedom is usually a tougher path than the security of a slave.

Ignorance is never bliss its just a stupid way to address the future that you can see in advance.